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Loneliness Calls:
Loneliness is calling you...

A kind of cynical take on a puzzle/horror game in which you control the Homunculus, who doesn't want to leave his apartment. While doing its chores, it hears a strange phone ringing from behind the wall and then finds himself in a loop of apartments vaguely similar to the first one. Complete cryptic puzzles in order to traverse deeper into the apartment world.

WASD / Arrow Keys - Movement (tank controls)
F Key - Interact (while in the apartment / Use Item (while in Inventory)
I Key - Open/Close Inventory
C Key - Close Item pop-up (while in the apartment) / Combine Items (while in Inventory)

(This is a prototype of a game made in two months as a training project by four students at IME USP, São Paulo)

Agnaldo Megaboca
André Gustavo Nakagomi
Ariel Vidovix
Bruno Stephan
Klinsmann Hengles (Supervisor))

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Tags3D, Dark Humor, Horror, Short, Third Person, Unity


Loneliness Calls Build 1.0.zip 203 MB


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"Filled with potential. Unlike someone."
Oof. Alright, I'm interested. I'll check this out when I get the opportunity.

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It is our try at self-deprecating humor.
Hope you enjoy it!

Loved the originality of this one! Good job 👍
Wish it had been a bit longer.

Thank you so much for playing and for your feedback!